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Frequently asked questions and answers

General questions

What is PDF24 Fax

PDF24 Fax is an internet fax service that lets you send and receive faxes over the Internet whereas faxes are send and receive directly from your PC. A fax machine is not required to use the service. An online fax management, and some additional handy tools are also part of that service.

Do I need a fax machine to use PDF24 fax?

No! A fax machine is not required. PDF24 Fax is an internet fax service. Faxes are sent end received via the Internet. You therefore need no fax machine. All technical things, which are required to send and receive faxes, are managed by PDF24 Fax.

Is PDF24 Fax free?

Yes and no. The basic form of PDF24 Fax is free. Every account can use the free offer, which is described HERE.

There are also some none-free services which extends the basic form. If you need more than what the free offer grants, you can upgrade your account by purchasing non-free services. This must be done explicitly.

How can I use my already existing fax number?

PDF24 provides you fax numbers from the pool of PDF24 Fax. PDF24 fax numbers enables you to send and receive faxes.

If you want to receive faxes by your own existing fax number through PDF24, then you can forward calls to your existing number to your PDF24 fax number. PDF24 Fax then receives the faxes for you and sends it to you via email in form of a PDF file.

Questions about receiving faxes

Can I get fax numbers from PDF24 fax?

PDF24 Fax provides geographic and national numbers in different countries. All supported countries and area codes are listed HERE.

Are PDF24 fax numbers different from normal numbers?

From the viewpoint of the caller there is no difference between PDF24 fax numbers and normal numbers. You can call a PDF24 fax numbers exactly the same way as a normal numbers.

Can I receive faxes via email?

Yes! All faxes sent to your PDF24 fax number are accepted by PDF24 fax and sent to you via email as a PDF file.

Do faxes get lost if I temporarily can't receive emails?

No! PDF24 Fax stores all incoming faxes additionally into your fax file store. If you can't receive emails, e.g. if your mailbox is full, then you can log into your account and there you can see all your received faxes.

Can I receive faxes on multiple email addresses?

Yes! First, add one or more new users to your account. Then, open the configuration form of your fax number and select the users which shall get an email with the fax file when a new fax was received. Finally, save the form and that's it.

Adding users and configuring numbers can be done in the Settings and Extras area in your account.

Questions about sending faxes

Into which countries can I send faxes?

Faxes can be sent to a lot of countries. A list of all countries, into which faxes can be sent, can be found HERE.

Can I send faxes directly from my PC?

Yes! using the PDF24 Creator is the easiest way to send faxes directly from your PC. The PDF24 Creator enables you to send everything as a fax what can be printed on a printer. The software install you a virtual fax printer and everything what your print on that printer can be sent as a fax. If you want to send a document as a fax, simply print the file on the fax printer. After you have printed something on the fax printer, an assistant opens which guides you through the send process.

What documents can I send as a fax?

Using the PDF24 Creator you can send all your documents as fax, all documents which can be printed. Simply open a document with a reader, print it on the PDF24 fax printer, and then follow the assistant.

Can I also send faxes via a web page?

Yes! Simply open the fax transmit page, choose a document, enter a target fax number and send the fax. This is very easy and comfortable.

Can I also send faxes to normal fax machines?

Yes! If the fax machine is reachable via a fax numbers then you can send a fax to that number and the physical fax machine will receive the fax.

I can't send my faxes. What's the problem?

In most cases users incorrectly enters fax numbers. PDF24 marks every field, which contains invalid information, with the RED color. If you get errors, check the corresponding field to ensure that the entered information is correct. If there is an information icon next to the field, click on it to open the information for that field. In most cases this will solve your problems.

Can I be sure that my fax was sent successfully?

After sending a fax, you will receive an email with the transmission report. This email contains the fax file itself, the information whether the fax was sent successfully or not and some other things.

Can I send faxes to multiple destinations at the same time?

Yes, that is possible, but is not available in every case. Only customer with an appropriate fax plan can use that feature.

Why the quality of my faxes is so bad?

A poor quality is often reported by users who wants to send documents that have been imported from a scanner. Read the following information to improve the quality dramatically: Scan your documents with 200 DPI and in black/white. That are the best scan settings for documents which should be send as a fax which prevents from quality losses during fax file preparation. Scanning with a higher DPI values and scanning in color often results in transformation losses because the PDF24 Fax system has to transform the high quality document into a low quality fax file and this is a lossy process. Scanning with the right quality can improve the fax quality dramatically.

Questions about your account

How can I change my password?

Open the user management page under Settings->Users. There you can change your password.

How can I delete my account?

Log into your account and open the area Settings->Account. There you can find a link to delete your account. You can delete your account if there are no open contracts connected to your account.

How can I change my email address?

Your PDF24 account contains general data (master data) and user based data. These two data sets are separated from each other. One account can have multiple users which can be managed in your account.
If you want to change your email address please check your account related data first to ensure that the email address saved there is also up to date. Then open the user management pages in your account and add a new user with a new email address. Activate the new user by clicking on the activation link in the email which will be sent to the new users email address. Then set the new user as the main user by clicking on the corresponding link. Note, that only the main user can do relevant changes to your account. Now, switch to the new user by logging out and log in under the new user. Open the user management pages again and, finally, delete the old user.

Is my PDF24 account charged after I signed up?

The creation of a PDF24 account is generally free. After signing up you can use all free offers of your account, without having to pay for anything. In addition to the free services there are also non-free services with one time or recurring fees, depending on the service. Non-free service have to be explicitly subscribed, they are not automatically added to your account.

Why I can't log in?

In a few cases it can happen that you can't log into your account. The cause is often the cache of your browser. Try first to reload the entire page and try to log in again. If this don't work clear your browser cache and try again. This normally solves the problem.

I have forgotten my password. What can I do?

There is a "Forgot your password?" link in the log in form. Please click on that link and follow the instructions to reset your passwort.

Questions about services and prices

What are the costs for PDF24 Fax?

In the basic form PDF24 fax is free. In addition to the free offer of PDF24 Fax you can subscribe non-free plans with more possibilities then the free service grants for which you have too pay a one time or a recurring fee. Each plan offers different services at different prices. An overview of the prices and the offered services can be found on the pricing page.

What does it cost to send a fax?

In the billing model of PDF24 fax there are no costs for a single fax or for minutes spent. Each plan has its own limits of fax pages which can be transmitted. An exceeding of the transmit limit does not automatically increase your costs. The model of PDF24 fax is to be understood as a FAIR FLAT, in which the occasional exceeding of the transmit limit is allowed. In case of a continuous exceeding of the limit PDF24 Fax may contact you to suggest you to subscribe to another plan or another packet to increase your limit.